Paradise ♥ Island Romance Navutu

Paradise ♥ Island Romance Navutu

Navutu Stars Restaurant

If you are an early riser you might catch sight of local fishing boats pulling up on the beach with freshly caught walu (Spanish mackerel), white and red snapper and giant lobster. Some of our staff are very good at catching crab too – the star ingredient of our legendary Singapore Chilli Crab. Lobster and fish are simply grilled with a little lemon butter, or perhaps turned into a spicy Fijian coconut curry or homemade ravioli. We also have several options for fishing trips should you wish to try your hand at catching your own dinner!

Organic Plantation to Plate Cuisine

Navutu Stars is an eco-friendly sustainable resort, committed to supporting the local community.

We proudly serve ‘plantation to plate’ cuisine as a priority. Coconut, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, spinach, bananas and limes are all grown by local villagers in organic plantations near the resort, as well as root crops such as sweet potato, cassava, taro and the best pumpkin you ever tasted.

Make sure to join our Plantation Walk to see where your breakfast tropical fruit platter comes from.

Italian / Western Cuisine

Our chefs have all been professionally trained in the art of preparing classic Italian cuisine, from fragrant pesto pasta, to homemade lobster ravioli, to spicy penne arrabbiata. And wait till you taste our lime tart and chocolate mousse! Want something casual for lunch? How about Fish and Chips, a generous Greek Salad or a hearty Club Sandwich from our a la carte lunch menu?

Fijian and Indo Fijian Cuisine

Discover the true flavours of the islands with Ika vakalolo (coconut-style fish) Lobster Seruwa (Fijian curry) and Kokoda (ceviche-style fresh fish with lime juice and coconut cream).

We also serve a traditional Lovo once a week which is cooked in an underground oven – similar to a Hawaiian luah or New Zealand hangi. Meats, chicken, seafood and whole fish are wrapped in woven banana leaves, alongside bundles of sweet potato, cassava and stuffed pumpkin then cooked on hot coals.

After dinner enjoy a cultural performance from the staff.

Private Dine Out

The ultimate in romantic dining, enjoy a private candlelit table set up on the beach or by the pool and scattered with flower petals.

Dine with your feet in the sand, under a blanket of twinkling stars – keeping an eye out for comets and shooting stars streaking across the sky.

This is one dinner experience you will never forget.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

We love celebrations, so please do let us know if you need a cake or a special set up, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or you want to pop the question.

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