Paradise ♥ Island Romance Navutu

Paradise ♥ Island Romance Navutu

Experience Navutu

Each day we list our activities on the Bula Board. Should you wish to organize a private boat trip please check with the office on arrival to see about chartering a boat.

Complimentary Activities

Yasawa Islands Snorkelling


We offer complimentary snorkelling trips to nearby reefs such as Liku Liku and Goat Island several times a week where you will find colorful corals, tropical fish and rich marine life. You can also visit our own coral restoration site at Twins Reef which is just off shore from the resort.

Navutu Stars Swim


Calm waters provide safe swimming conditions at all three of the resort’s picturesque bays. During the lowest tide you can swim to deeper water and Twins Reef through a wide sandy passage in front of the beach bar or enjoy our tropical swimming pool.

Navutu Stars Kayaking

Water Sports

Enjoy complimentary use of kayaks, stand up paddle boards and two-seater canoe. Glide across the turquoise water of the serene lagoon to explore scenic coves and neighbouring islands. 

Coral Restoration

Join our coral gardening team to learn about our inspiring coral restoration project. You have the option to make your own fish house which you can then cover with healthy corals harvested from a nearby reef. 

Note: Currently unavailable but will resume shortly


Sunsets at Navutu Stars are stunning and well viewed from our soaring Sunset Deck. You can also walk west along the main beach to Savuti Point to witness the nightly extravaganza or enjoy the crimson coloured sky from the Island Bar with a happy hour cocktail.


A gentle climb to the peak of Na Vokavoka Hill reveals 360-degree island views and fantastic photo opportunities.  

Medicine Walk

Medicine Walk

Traditionally in Fiji ‘medicine’ came from herbs, plants and seeds. Join one of our activities staff to learn the healing properties of the plants and bushes around the resort.

Yasawa Islands Star Gazing


As day turns to night the sky blazes with millions of twinkling lights – making stargazing a popular past time. Keep an eye out for comets and shooting stars and have a wish ready!

Plantation Walk

Plantation Walk

The area surrounding the resort is home to tropical plantations which provide much of our fresh produce. See groves full of ripe juicy papayas, thick bunches of bananas, heavily laden coconut trees, as well as root crops such as taro, cassava and sweet potato, not to mention some of the biggest pumpkins you can imagine.

Basket Weaving

Learn how to weave a Fijian-style basket or hat from palm fronds.

Fijian Kava


No trip to Navutu Stars is complete without joining our friendly staff for a round of kava or two, accompanied by guitar playing and traditional songs. A mildly narcotic beverage made from the dried roots of a pepper plant, kava is ground and mixed with water then served from a wooden bowl known as tanoa. Drinking kava is a traditional Fijian ritual and also a great opportunity for socialising, with a chance to meet the staff and other guests.

Coconut Demo

He who plants a coconut tree plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a habitation for himself and a heritage for his children.”  South Seas proverb

Learn all about coconuts! Including how to make fresh coconut cream, and a broom from palm fronds in this fun and fascinating demo with Kikau. 

Yasawa Children's Choir

Children's Choir

Each Sunday afternoon the village children’s choir visit the resort to sing. There is an opportunity to meet and chat with the children after their performance.

Yasawa Village Visit

Village Visit

One of our best-loved activities is the visit to our own village of Yaqeta, which is home to most of our staff and has a peaceful setting on a beach of dazzling white sand. This is an amazing opportunity to see an authentic Fijian village including the community hall, church and shell market. Visiting the school and meeting the kids is a highlight.

Church Visit

Attend a traditional Methodist church service in Yaqeta Village. Nobody sings as beautifully as the Fijians and you will enjoy rousing hymns and incredible harmonising.

Charged Activities

Yasawa Snorkelling

Snorkelling Yasawas

The Yasawas are blessed with some beautiful coral reefs, each with their own unique attraction, from vibrant table corals to purple branchy staghorns and coral encrusted bommies. Look out for electric blue starfish clinging to the seabeds, tiny orange nemo peeking out from the corals as well as large trevally, parrot fish, red snapper and the occasional turtle cruising the water.

Sawa I Lau Caves

Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Journey to the heart of the Yasawas and swim in the majestic limestone caves of Sawa-i-Lau, often cited as one of ‘the best things to do in Fiji’. The first cave is surrounded by steep white walls that turn the water into a vivid shade of aqua, while a large natural sky light sends beams of sunlight dancing across the water. A second cave can be reached by diving through an underwater tunnel.

Turtle Spotting

Seeing turtles in the wild is a wonderful experience and our activities staff know just where to find them!

Swim with Manta Rays

Enjoy the opportunity to swim with these majestic creatures from May to September.


Board our 30ft power boat, Siga Tale, for an enthralling fishing experience as you troll for some of the larger, tastier fish of the South Pacific, while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding islands. Sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi, walu, trevally, coral trout, barracuda and yes, some sharks too. Charges are reasonable and can be shared with another couple. We recommend that you leave the resort early in the morning for the best fishing conditions.

Spear Fishing

Much of the fresh fish that turns up on our menu as ‘Catch of the Day’ is caught by local spear fishermen. Have a go yourself and see if you can catch your dinner.

Handline Fishing

A more leisurely experience, best at sunrise or at sunset with a few bottles of ice cold Fiji Bitter.  

Private Island Picnic

Play at being castaways for the day as we take you to a secluded beach with a packed picnic lunch and snorkelling gear. Keep it simple with sandwiches, or luxe it up with lobster and fresh Champagne. This can be arranged at the resort or you may pre book with the reservations team prior to your arrival.

Diving Yasawas

Divers are treated to a world class experience, with around 30 dive sites in the region. The Maze has epic swim throughs, The Chapel gives you the chance to dive with black and white tip reef sharks, while Cabbage Patch does indeed resemble a giant underwater cabbage. We partner with a dive centre in the Yasawas and generally dives can be arranged one or two days in advance.

Blue Lagoon

Visit the beautiful beach made famous by The Blue Lagoon movie, which is just twenty minutes from Navutu Stars. This popular trip includes time for snorkeling, beachcombing and fish feeding. Being immersed in the water while thousands of tiny fish dart about you in a mad feeding frenzy is certainly a unique experience.

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