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Practice yoga in Siem Reap’s best yoga destination at Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat with 2 fully equipped yoga shalas surrounded by lush tropical gardens just few minutes away from Angkor Wat. Relax and reconnect with yourself in Siem Reap’s only wellness resort offering our guests and non-guests two daily classes. 

Fee for Khmer Nationals: $4.00 net | Fee for Workshop: US15.00 net  | Dr0p-in class: $9.00 net  | Siem Reap Residents: $7.00 net (August Special)  Navutu Tribe (1 Month): $80.00 net  | Changes in the schedule may occur. Please inquire by email ( or call (855) 63 964764 for updates. Visit our Facebook and Instagram page for more information

Navutu Tribe include one month of unlimited access to our daily group yoga classes and three swimming pools. Tribe members also benefit from a 20% discount at our Spa and 10% discount on food and drinks.


10:00am Hatha (75 min)
6:00pm Vinyasa (75 min)


10:00 am Sivananda (75 min)
11:30am Face Fit (60 min)


10:00 am Yin Yang Yoga (75 min)
6:00 pm Japanese Yoga (75 min)


10:00 am Hatha Flow (75 min)
11:30 am Face Fit (60 min)


10:00 am Nia Moving to Heal (75 min)
6:00 pm Community Yoga (75 min)


9:00 am Vinyasa Flow (75 min)
11:00 am Contemporary Dance (75 min) *Oct 3 & 16


10:00 am Qi Gong (75 min)
10:00 am Kids Yoga (75 min) *Oct 11 and 25 only
6:00 pm Yin and Restorative (75 min)


All classes are 75mins except our *Workshop on Saturday is two hours. Workshop will focus on specific practice – check our Facebook Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams or Instagram @samadhiyogashalanavutu

Private classes for yoga, Bodywork, Breathwork or meditation or holistic treatments are readily available within the resort’s yoga shala. Pranayama meditation or yoga at sunrise in an Angkorian temple or in a beautiful pagoda may also be arranged with prior reservations. Please email for further inquiries. For tailor-made experiences or proposals for corporate wellness activities, please contact


To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear – Buddha
Yoga & Meditation practices date back to 300 B.C. and various traditions are found in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions. We believe the goals of Yoga and Meditation practices are self-realization and keeping oneself balanced and healthy on a daily basis. Health is your greatest wealth. The body’s DNA knows how to heal itself; all it needs is the energy. The energizing, rejuvenating Yoga & Mediation practices can be the source of this energy.

Yoga Instructors Navutu Dreams

Sonya Moore: Yoga Manager & Instructor

Sonya has been practicing yoga since 2005. She was drawn to yoga initially for the physical challenge it offered but fell in love with it not only for the enhanced strength, stability and flexibility it brought but also for its impact on her state of mind: the way it consistently made her calmer, more peaceful and left her with an overall heightened sense of vitality and well-being.  She discovered meditation 5 years later and found it left her with similar benefits, as well as additional clarity of mind.  She thanks yoga and meditation for keeping her sane and grounded through a rewarding yet demanding 12 year corporate career.

Eventually she was drawn to explore both yoga and meditation in greater depth.  In 2017 she left her corporate job and headed to India for a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation followed by a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Asan Yoga in Dharamsala.

Delving deeper into the history, philosophy and art of yoga during that training fascinated her and inspired her to begin teaching and continue learning. Since then she’s completed a prenatal and kids yoga teacher training with Santosha Yoga in Bali, a 200 hour anatomy and alignment-focused yoga teacher training with Luna Alignment Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand and a 300 hour yin and vinyasa teacher training with Kranti Yoga in Goa, India and since 2017 has been teaching yoga and meditation in India, Myanmar and Cambodia.  She’s been based in Siem Reap, Cambodia since April 2019.  She considers herself a lifelong student who learns from her own students as well as other teachers and textbooks.  She continues to practice and study independently to deepen and expand her knowledge of yoga, meditation and the human mind, body and spirit. She values the diversity of yoga and its ability to address barriers to well being, whether physical, mental or emotional.  She believes that every human is meant to feel good in both mind and body and considers yoga and meditation valuable tools to achieve that state of wellbeing.  She loves sharing those tools with others.

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Manuela Kind: Yoga Instructor

When Yoga found Manuela 8+ years ago, she was hooked immediately. Being a dancer since the age of 13, her body enjoyed the movements a lot. Later on, when Manuela was living a high-paced lifestyle working full-time in a design agency, she needed the stillness that Yoga and Meditation gave her. The philosophy behind it was something that fascinated her since she was a teenager: When she became ill, it helped Manuela in answering her question. After practicing Yoga for years, she realized that this practice gave her much more than she ever imagined. It gave her inner balance. It was Yoga that made Manuela pick herself back up when she was ill. And it was Yoga that helped her grow, thrive and live her life today in a way that makes her happy.

Yoga for Manuela is very much about connecting body and mind, and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her approach in teaching reflects that – She invites and encourages her students to reconnect with their true self, developing self-awareness, letting go of distractions and drama, by simply being present in the moment. Manuela strongly believes that Yoga not only happens on the mat – it happens in our everyday life, in the choices we make, in how we express ourselves and interact in this world, in the way we treat others and ourselves.

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Richard Dunne: Yoga Instructor

Richard took his first yoga class in India back in 2005 and was immediately amazed by the mental clarity, body-awareness and increase in flexibility that he felt after only a few days of practice. He found that any day that started with yoga was infinitely more productive and rewarding than a day without, and that has been the case ever since.

He kept up his practice when he returned to Ireland and was fortunate enough to return to India to complete his first 200hrs of teacher training in 2015, after which Richard began to teach sporadically.

He decided to commit to yoga full-time and two years later he returned to Asia where I have been ever since, volunteering in ashrams, taking his next 300hrs of teacher training and working at various studios, resorts and retreats in SE Asia. The more he learns about yoga the more he realises there is to know. Richard looks forward to continuing his journey as a student and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

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At Navutu Dreams, you have the opportunity to learn humble practices of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Meditation & Gentle Flow classes. Daily Classes are available.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all other styles of yoga. It is translated as Ha meaning “sun” and Tha meaning “moon,” bringing together and balancing the sun and moon properties within each of us (masculine and feminine). “Hatha” can also translate as “willfull”. Therefore the practice cultivates strength, flexibility and a focused mind. This class focuses on alignment for the different body types, as well as balancing effort and relaxation. And by bringing awareness to the breath, we create mindfulness in each pose. This class is perfect for beginners yet still challenging enough for those who already have an established practice.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

In vinyasa yoga, movement is synchronised with the breath. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the fluid way that the poses flow from one to another like a dance. The breath is a vital component in the practice because movement from one pose to the next is initiated by an inhale or an exhale. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit to mean “connection” , as in connecting our movement with the breath, or it can also be translated as “to place in a special way.” The term vinyasa also refers to a specific series of movements that are frequently done between each pose in a series.

Ashtanga Yoga

The traditional Ashtanga practice follows a set series of poses that intensely challenge the body and mind. Through the use of focused breath and a dedication to the dynamic physical practice, one can achieve a level of mastery over body and mind. Created by Sri. T Krishnamacharya, devotees of this practice look toward Mysore, India to fully develop their skills and train with the masters. Teachers can be found worldwide and bring this distinct style to those looking for a structured, strong practice.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative is a very slow-paced practice that focuses on balancing and nourishing the nervous system and relaxation responses of the body. The class is built around several reclining and prone poses that heavily rely on the use of props and pillows to completely support the body. These poses are then sustained for several minutes as the body and nervous system are able to deeply rest and recover. Restorative Yoga is a particularly beneficial practice when dealing with stress, injuries or a restless mind, and is accessible to all levels and body types.

Community Class

Join the community with this free class for all locals that brings together Khmer, foreign residents and travelers. Each class may differ in style, but is always available to all levels and body types. These classes are a great way to experience the benefits of yoga while enjoying this diverse community that Siem Reap has to offer.


Unlike more dynamic versions of yoga the emphasis in Sivananda Yoga is on finding correct alignment in each pose, stability in the breath and silence in the mind. The class begins with a relaxation, followed by breathing exercises and a sequence where poses will be held from anywhere between 30-90 seconds, allowing you to really feel present, with plenty of relaxation poses throughout. This is yoga as it is taught in India.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very modern form of yoga where we target the connective tissues between the muscles and the bones, as opposed to the muscles themselves. In Yin we learn to connect with our breath, observe our bodies and by releasing our muscles instead of engaging them we allow gravity to take us deeper into the pose, often with the support of cushions and props. It is both engaging and relaxing and will leave you feeling calm, open and peaceful.

Yoga & Meditation

This class offers you a mindful and nourishing way to begin your week. We combine the benefits of a traditional yoga class and mindfulness meditation: Improving strength, balance and range of motion, as well as cultivating a focused and peaceful mind. During this practice you will also be invited to set an intention / affirmation, supporting you in your plans for the days to come. The class is suitable for all levels and body types, therefore no previous experience is required.


Every other Saturday, you get the opportunity to join our 2 hours Workshop, where local and international teachers guide you through a specially designed class, exploring a specific style or aspect of Yoga more in-depth. Find the upcoming Workshops on our Yoga Studio’s Facebook Page: >>> Link to

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