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Family Wellness Romance Navutu

Family Wellness Romance Navutu

Yoga & Meditation Siem Reap by Navutu Dreams

Practice yoga in Siem Reap’s best yoga destination at Navutu Dreams Resort and Wellness Retreat with two fully equipped yoga shalas (yoga space), surrounded by lush tropical gardens just a few minutes away from Angkor Wat. Relax and reconnect with yourself in Siem Reap’s wellness resort offering our guests and non-guests two daily high quality classes.

Classes are held in our small or big Yoga Shala and occasionally on the rooftop.

Yoga classes have a duration of 60 minutes; mats, towels, tea, water and access to our pools included and the weekly *Depth Events on Saturday are two or three hours. Those events will focus on specific approaches – check our Facebook Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams or Instagram.

Our Options:

  • 1 class for $8
  • 10 classes pass for $50
  • Monthly Unlimited pass for $110

Our Monthly Unlimited Pass includes one month of unlimited access to our daily group yoga classes and three swimming pools. Members also benefit from a 20% discount at our Spa and 10% discount on food and drinks.
Changes in the schedule may occur. Please check our Facebook Page.

Private Classes

Private classes for yoga, meditation or pranayama are readily available within the resort’s yoga shala. Yoga and Meditation at sunrise in an Angkorian temple or in a beautiful pagoda may also be arranged with prior reservations.
Please email for further inquiries explore our holistic menu. For tailor-made experiences or proposals for corporate wellness activities, please contact

  • Private Yoga | 60 minutes $45

    The practice of yoga encompasses many difference styles, this session will be customized to your level, goals, and preference. Whether you are simply interested in trying yoga for first time, want to stretch and release tightness, want to stretch, and release tightness, want to develop your own personal practice, want strong workout or a practice to complement another form of physical activity, want a practice that accommodates specific physical limitations or simply want to calm the mind, our certified, experienced teachers will guide you through a session personalized to you.

  • Private Meditation | 60 minutes $45

    In this private session you can choose whether to be guided through a relaxing meditation to calm and quiet the mind, or to learn and practice various meditation which you can practice on your own later. There are many forms of mediation with the same intention, but difference techniques resonate with different people. Trying multiple forms allows you to select the technique that vibrates with you.

  • Pranayama | 60 minutes $45

    Pranayama is a practice of focusing on breath. In yoga, breath is associated with prana, thus, pranayama is a means to elevate life energies. So, ‘’Free the mind, and the rest will follow’’. The breath is a powerful tool for accessing and affecting our subconscious mind and nervous system. Pranayama uses various breathing techniques to realize difference effects on the mind, from calming and clearing excess thoughts to stimulating and energizing. In this private session you will learn tools you can use in daily life to achieve the affects you want.

  • Pregnancy Yoga | 60 minutes $45

    Yoga and Mindfulness for expecting and new mothers. Unwind and relax with movement, breathing techniques and meditation in a safe environment. Nurture and prepare the body and mind for labour and birth. Heal, recover and relieve stress in the postpartum period. Suitable for all trimesters. C-section and diastasis recti safe.

Yoga & Meditation Enlighten

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear – Buddha

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. First codified by the sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras around 400 C.E, the practice was in fact handed down from teacher to student long before this text arose. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to yoke,” or “to unite”. The practice aims to create union between body, mind and spirit, as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness. The ultimate experience of yoga is liberation from suffering because in improves mental health, helps stress relief, it may reduce anxiety and improves the quality of life.

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness, or focusing on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness. There’s no correct and wrong way to meditate. That’s because meditation can take many different forms to experience the formless state of being. Many studies show nowadays the immense benefits of meditation such as decreasing symptoms of anxiety or depression, improving ability to think, concentrate and solve problems and better ability to adapt to and overcome emotions.

Yoga & Meditation Variety

At Navutu Dreams, you have the opportunity to learn humble practices of yoga such as: Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative Reiki, Shamanic Yoga as well Meditation classes.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all other styles of yoga. It is translated as Ha meaning “sun” and Tha meaning “moon,” bringing together and balancing the sun and moon properties within each of us (masculine and feminine). “Hatha” can also translate as “willfull”. Therefore the practice cultivates strength, flexibility and a focused mind. This class focuses on alignment for the different body types, as well as balancing effort and relaxation. And by bringing awareness to the breath, we create mindfulness in each pose. This class is perfect for beginners yet still challenging enough for those who already have an established practice.

Restorative (Reiki) Yoga

Restorative is a very slow-paced practice that focuses on balancing and nourishing the nervous system and relaxation responses of the body. The class is built around several reclining and prone poses that heavily rely on the use of props and pillows to completely support the body. These poses are then sustained for several minutes as the body and nervous system are able to deeply rest and recover. Restorative Yoga is a particularly beneficial practice when dealing with stress, injuries or a restless mind, and is accessible to all levels and body types.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very modern form of yoga where we target the connective tissues between the muscles and the bones, as opposed to the muscles themselves. In Yin we learn to connect with our breath, observe our bodies and by releasing our muscles instead of engaging them we allow gravity to take us deeper into the pose, often with the support of cushions and props. It is both engaging and relaxing and will leave you feeling calm, open and peaceful.

Rise & Shine Slow Flow Yoga

Set the tone of your day with uplifting rise and shine flow that enhance your day ahead. This is a slow flow class for the early riser. There are gentle yoga movements to stretch and strengthen the body. Nice deep slow flowing mobilisations and some core work and leg strengthening. At its humblest, rise and shine is an efficient, safe and controlled technique of yoga, increasing flexibility and building strength and endurance.

FluidUS Yoga

A path of living, a way of being and a method of transformative practices to discover and experience the magic beneath your skin and beneath the skin of this world. A re-enchantment of existence and a return to the wonder of life. Slowly building strength, curiosity and humility to hold all of what you are. A flow that might look gentle from the outside and yet builds a deeper strength from within. Working with the lymphatic system, the fascial spiderweb and the spirals in your body to create a resilient temple for you to experience life in and through.

Shamanic Yoga

Shamanic Yoga is an approach transmitted by the ancient wisdom from global shamanic ancestries and universal yoga styles. It restores the connection between mind, body and soul trough breath work, body movements and healing sounds. Shamanic yoga is activating the 5 elements inside of you and it will heal, clean and purify the 7 chakra portals so that you can remember your sacred life purpose. The conscious movements are align with the energy portals and the elements of life in such a way that you on a guided journey in where you go in a flow of being fully alive.

Meditation Circle

Discover the truth of stillness during the meditation circle. It’s a place and space to engage the art of meditation as a united energy. This meditation circle emphasize the profound impact of meditating in a group setting, where the combined energies and intentions create an environment of harmony and deep connection. The intention is to provide the opportunity to share voices, aspirations, desires, or challenges before the meditation begins. Drinking together mindfully herbal tea along with sound healing music.

Community Class

Join the community with this free class for all local Khmer and new expats residents.. Each class may differ in style, but is always available to all levels and body types. These classes are a great way to experience the benefits of yoga while enjoying this diverse community that Siem Reap has to offer.

Navutu Saturday’s in Depth*

Every other Saturday, you get the opportunity to join an event, where our teachers will guide you through a specially designed session, exploring a specific style or aspect of Yoga more in-depth. Find the upcoming Workshops on our Yoga Studio’s Facebook Page.

Yoga Instructors Navutu Dreams

Yvonne Yoga Navutu


My name is Yvonne and I have a true passion for helping others awaken to living a life of balance. After spending most of my career leading customer experience and strategic teams for large corporations, in 2017 I experienced deep depression. As I realized I was living to work vs working to live, I began to wake up and break free from the monotony of work, sleep, drink, eat, repeat.

I moved closer to work, regained 3 hours a day, and embarked on a journey of personal growth. With more time and energy devoted to my personal passions, I expanded my self-expression practice of yoga and meditation to include reiki energy healing, mindfulness coaching, NLP, acting, drums, and visual arts.

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Angelo Chakra Healing and Yoga


My given name is Angelo, a Mindfulness Master, Meditation/Yoga teacher and Healer. I dedicate my life to the well-Being of human Beings and transferring energy healing and ancient wisdom. I am grateful to touched the lives of many people through teachings, healings and retreat programs – as well as seminars.

It’s my mission to make Meditation, Yoga, Healing and Spirituality accessible to today’s busy minds. I have the privilege to be guided by 2 teachers for more than 20 years. On one hand, stepping into the energy of holism (meditation, yoga and chakra healings) and on the other hand embracing the wisdom of shamanism (cacao ceremonies, grounding and plant based medicine). I joined many retreats to rediscover my true self and got deep connections during shamanic ceremonies.

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Steffi is a passionate explorer of life’s diversity. Her journey spans countries, cultures, and diverse movement practices. She’s also deeply curious about life’s many facets, including both the literal and metaphorical aspects of death. While being part of a social enterprise here in Cambodia from 2011 to 2019 she also started her journey as a healer through her introduction to Reiki and energy healing in 2016. As she left Cambodia in 2019 to follow the path of healing even more she found her way through India and Nepal where she studied Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, back to her home country Switzerland where she dove deep into the world of the Lymphatic system and became a certified holistic life coach.

In 2022 her journey led her to Guatemala where she studied with the Mayan Midwives the ancient healing modality of the Mayan Abdominal Massage. During her time there and some deep shamanic work she was invited to work closer with death and is now in the final stages of her Death Doula training.

In 2021 Steffi got introduced to the FluidUs practice where she found a tool that deeply resonates with her and her journey. An attempt to re-enchant the world and re-awaken the strength within each one of us to hold all of life.

With a commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment, Steffi finds deep fulfilment in guiding individuals towards deeper self-discovery. Her aim is to help people embrace their authentic selves and unlock inner freedom, allowing them to fully express their true essence by uniting the tools and experiences gathered along her way. “May we all carry the love and strength to be reborn again and again to come closer to hold ALL of what we are”.

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