Shamanic Alchemy Retreat

2 Nights / 3 Days


*For 1 pax, add $650 for 2 pax

Shamanic Alchemy Retreat

The purpose of sincere work on the self, through Yoga, meditation and devotion is to work towards the realization of the true nature of who we are. The road is not an easy one to travel and obstacles and difficulties can and will arise as we peel off layer after layer of conditioning, ego and trauma and start to alchemize our lead into gold.

This retreat aims to offer practical solutions to finding the power, support and guidance needed on this journey towards wisdom and knowledge of the self.

As we begin, as individuals, to raise our vibration, whether that be from holistic healing practices, or a spontaneous “awakening” we start to recognize and remove ourselves from the conditioning and programming that have kept us plugged into what is sometimes called, “The Matrix.”

In order to move further down this road we must put in the time and effort to look deeply within and start to peel off those layers of programming and conditioning, a process which, by its very nature, will start to uncover and release trauma and pain, long suppressed, internalized and held within the physical body. This can be an uncomfortable time as we are made to face and realise our fears, shame, pain and ego based behaviours. It has been recognized by different cultures and eulogized in myth as “The Hero’s Journey”, “The Dark Night of the Soul”, “The Journey through the Underworld’, etc.

This deep introspection and letting go of what no longer serves is an absolutely necessary part of the process of purification that accompanies a raise in vibration. Without purification, our energetic channels will contain blockages and be unable to channel and hold the energy/ prana/ chi required for us to evolve in mind, body and spirit.

However you are travelling this path, whether you’re just starting out, or experienced, this retreat aims to give you practical tools that will support you and align you with a personal source of wisdom, compassion, knowledge and power that will aid you on your journey.

You will be taken on a journey of meditations, workshops and healings that will re-align, re-connect, re- harmonise and re-balance the body, mind and Spirit, bringing the “sky to the ground”, forming a marriage of Heaven and Earth, the Macrocosm and the microcosm, internally and externally, to alchemise your lead into gold and greatly empower your aims and intentions for evolution.

Retreat Contents

“Who am I ?” Art therapy personal mandala drawing (1-1.5 hrs)

Participants will construct a Mandala built around images made to represent different aspects of the persons being.

This exercise gives participants an insightful and truthful rendering of the self in symbolic, archetypal form and as we’ll learn during the retreat, Archetype, symbol, metaphor etc are an interface between ordinary and non-ordinary reality.

Angkor Wat Sunrise visit (approx 5 hours)

We will witness the Sunrise from the Western entrance to Vrah Vishnuloka, the original name for Angkor Wat, which means, Sacred realm of Vishnu (who in his aspect of Surya Naranaya, IS the Sun) Then, with the Temple singing with the Solar energies, we’ll enter his dwelling and listen to a telling of the story of the churning of the ocean of milk (Samudra Manthana), in front of the ancient world renowned Bas relief of the churning.

The myth of the Samudra Manthana and the quest for the elixir of immortality is symbolic of the search for knowledge of the self and enlightenment. Those familiar with the work of Joseph Campbell will understand the power that can be transmitted through the telling of mythic tales and the telling of this ancient story in front of such a depiction, within the walls of the world’s largest religious structure, the sacred realm of Vishnu himself, will be of great benefit to those on the path.

We’ll give offerings to the four directions at the four shrines aligned to the cardinal points, at the top of the Temple and participants can make their own connections to the divine energies at play.

Grounding and alignment (Marriage of Heaven and Earth) (1 hr)

Outside in nature and under the night sky, participants will learn a meditation that will deeply connect them with the directions and the elements, the Earth and the Sky, bringing us into balance and alignment with the Cosmos. This is an important and beneficial practice, that, done regularly will greatly aid and empower other mind, body Spirit practices. Alignment with the Cosmos without, aligns and balances with the Cosmos within.

Shamanic journey workshop (approx. 4 hrs)

For millennia, humankind, through group ritual, trance and initiation, experienced direct relations with the Sacred. With the coming of organized religion and the onset of modern society, we, in the “developed” world, have lost this connection, connection with Spirit, connection with Nature, connection to the self. Through the ages, tribal, Shamanic cultures have practiced and kept the knowledge alive, knowledge which is now being shared once more.

Shamanic practice does not have to be the sole preserve of the tribal Shaman, Shamanic journeying can be learned by anyone with a calling to learn and this workshop will introduce the basic technique.

You’ll be taught the Shamanic cosmology of the 3 Worlds and using a drumbeat to alter the consciousness, you’ll learn how enter a “Shamanic state of consciousness” and to journey and enter the “upper” and “Lower” Worlds. Within these worlds you will meet Teachers, guardians and “Power Animals” with whom you can build a personal relationship and will help and support you in your personal journeys of healing, learning and evolution. Participants will also be shown how to invoke and merge with your Guardian Spirit / Power Animal as a way to receive power (Spiritual vitality), healing and knowledge from them.

Many on the path have found the wisdom, guidance and protection given through this practice, to be invaluable as you learn to connect with your guides, ask questions and gain awareness.

Shamanic healing session (1.5-2 hrs)

This ancient healing method utilizes compassionate, transcendent healing energies who work through the practitioner to effect healing by restoring beneficial, or vital power which has been lost by trauma, sickness, or other means and by extracting harmful and negative energies resident within the clients physical and energetic body.

A Shamanic healing session will result in a grounding, balance and connection with the Earth and Cosmos, along with an energizing and general feeling of well-being. Power will be given that will be able to be directed towards participants personal evolution and purification.

What makes this retreat so powerful is that it’s a birthing process for a deeper commitment to evolution and knowledge of the self. In practicing these techniques, we can reach deeper states of consciousness and gain access to levels of insight and awareness that can be truly profound.

Retreat timetable:

  • Day 1
    • Check in
    • Retreat introduction and “Who am I?” Mandala exercise
    • Healing sessions (Depending on number of participants)
  • Day 2
    • Angkor Wat Sunrise visit
    • Healing sessions
    • Sky to ground alignment meditation (Evening)
  • Day 3
    • Shamanic journey workshop
    • Healing sessions


  • 3 organic meals (lunch or dinner)
  • 2 group yoga classes
  • 2 pampering spa treatment (choice of Khmer, Thai or Relaxation massage)
  • The shamanic retreat (detailed above)

What else is included:

  • Daily nourishing a la carte breakfast
  • Stay in Explorer room
  • Private Airport pick up
  • Welcome drink and cold towel at check-in
  • Fresh tropical fruit platter in room on day of arrival
  • Organic homemade tea (room and restaurant)
  • High speed Wi-Fi access
  • Organic homemade shampoo
  • Use of any of the resort’s three swimming pools
  • Bicycles (upon availability)
  • Fitness Centre

Terms & Conditions

  • Single based occupancy.
  • 25% deposit at the booking time refundable up to 15 days before check-in.
  • Remaining balance to be paid on check-in.
  • 15-day cancellation policy, you can cancel free of charge up to 15 days before the check-in date.

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