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Family Wellness Romance Navutu

Holistic Treatments by Navutu Dreams

Enhance your stay with a holistic healing treatment designed to revitalize mind, body and soul. In other words, it’s combining mental and emotional health with physical and spiritual aspects of experience. Navutu is proud to work with the top healers in town to offer our guests a wide range of holistic treatments.
  • Reiki | 60 minutes $80

    Reiki (Japanese for “universal life energy”) is a very gentle form of therapy the goal of improving the flow of life force energy. Reiki can bring similar benefits as traditional massage therapy, such as reducing stress, stimulating the immune system, increasing energy, and relieving pain or other symptoms of various health conditions. The treatment includes the gentle laying on of hands, combines with no-touch (hovering within magnetic/energetic field) and visualization. During the treatment, the recipient is resting fully clothed.

  • Energy Balancing Massage (with Angelo) | 60 minutes $80

    Energy Balancing Massage, a unique holistic healing well-being method which brings the body’s energy into alignment. This ancient healing technique combines the power of essential oil massage with the principles of energy work to unblock and restore the flow of energy in our body, mind and spirit. The energy balancing massage will generate a deep sense of well-being and relaxation; releasing stress, physical disorders; mental clarity and emotional calmness. a heightened awareness that is similar to that which may be obtained through deep meditation; an increase in creative flow and general spontaneity.

  • Deep Lymphatic Work (with Steffi) | 60 minutes $80

    What is Deep Lymphatic Work? Many forms of sicknesses and/or pains can be tracked back to a not optimal functioning lymphatic system. If this beautiful clearing system is blocked, it can lead to built up toxins in the body and further to anxiety, chronic pain, digestive problems, lethargy, skin and sleep problems to other symptoms. In this body work session the individual lymphatic system is looked at and worked on through gentle touch and massage to remove blockages and keep it flowing. Supporting the body in not just healing but also continuous optimal health.

  • Acupuncture | 60 minutes $80

    Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that treats patients with the insertion and manipulation of thin, solid needles in the body. Since its origins in Ancient China, acupuncture has been embedded in the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its general theory is based on the premise that bodily functions are regulated by the flow of an energy-like entity called Qi (chi). Illness is caused by obstructed energy flow at certain points along the body’s meridians, or energy channels. Acupuncture therapy stimulates meridian flow and harmonizes the body’s energy to influence the health of both body and mind.

  • Craniosacral Therapy | 60 minutes $80

    A light touch approach to therapeutic bodyworks that can create dramatic improvements in your life, it is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body. Known to be the powerful form of alternative therapy using touch to palpitate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium by applying light touches to your spine, sacrum and pelvic bones to regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and aids in primary respiration.

  • Sound Bath with Himalayan Sound Bowls | 60 minutes $80

    Our sound bath with Himalayan Sound Bowls supports you in relaxing deeply and nourishing the most subtle layers of our being. The gentle but immersive sound vibrations of the Himalayan Sound Bowls create a pathway for the busy mind into a sense of deep relaxation, and enable a release of blockages in the physical body and beyond.

  • Chakra Healing Massage (with Angelo) | 90 minutes $95

    The Chakra Healing Massage contains subtle energy work that complements the physical benefits and it stimulates healing as well as spiritual fulfilment. Through the gentle movements by hands, the chakras will be restored, blockages will be lifted and the healthy flow of life energy will be inspiring the whole body, mind and soul. The reinstated life balance gives a deep relaxation and it heals barriers in the (emotional) body. The practitioner connects with the energy field of mindfulness and moves it into a new direction so that the chakra’s will be cleansed. The treatment includes a guided meditation combine with the gentle touching of the hands by oil in combination with reading the aura information of the seven main chakra’s. This will creates a rediscovering of who you are. It will result in a new perspective of life and a feeling of deep connection with the total cosmos.

  • Intuitive Reiki Healing (with Yvonne) | 90 minutes $95

    Our Reiki Therapist offers a unique celestial experience that boosts your natural healing process physically, mentally and emotionally, while also channelling spiritual guidance to provide insight that supports your healing journey.

  • Shamanic Sacred Cacao Journey (with Angelo) | 150 minutes $130

    The cacao is pure sacred ceremonial cacao from South America that contains the balance of ideal components and energies that stimulate the union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart: it heals and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person by following the old shamanic traditions from South America. This will be a journey guided by the spirits of cacao, sound healing music (many in the Spanish language, live drumming or Shamanic chants), sharing our intentions, sing, move the body and dance together. The spirit and energies of cacao allows you to harmonize on an emotional level, calming your mind and rediscovering the spiritual purpose of life from the depth of your heart. Letting go of what doesn't serve and deeply processing the transformation and change you need. This shamanic journey reconnects you with life itself and the natural elements of mother earth (Pacha-Mama).

  • **Price Group: (minimum 4 people maximum 10 people) $40 per person
  • Mayan Abdominal Massage (with Steffi) | 120 minutes $150

    What is a Mayan Abdominal Massage? Mayan Abdominal Massage is an ancient healing modality that has been passed down by the Mayan midwives and curanderos of Central America. It's a holistic deep yet gentle external treatment which works on physical, emotional and energetic imbalances and aims to restore health, harmony and balance in the body. It has outstanding benefits for overall health but especially potential for: painful or irregular moon cycles, amenorrhea, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, tipped or prolapsed uterus, endometriosis, stress, anxiety, blocked emotions and held trauma.
    - needs to be done on empty stomach (or 3-4h after last meal)
    - IUD or Coil present (Organ-work can still be done)
    - during moon time
    - cancer present or while undergoing chemotherapy
    - any other health concerns can be discussed beforehand

  • Intuitive Life Coaching (with Sal) | 120 minutes $160

    Are you seeking clarity in one key area of your life?
    Maybe you want to explore the transformative experience you've hadhere at Navutu & what this means for you as you continue your wellness/spiritual journey?
    If your answer is YES to either of these questions, this intuitive, illuminating Life Coaching session is for you.
    In this laser-focused session, we will unpack your experience &/or area you are feeling 'stuck' so you can feel more confident to take empowered action in your life.
    Sal is a certified Professional Counsellor, Intuitive Therapist, Life Coach &NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
    She will bring her intuitive insight, dynamic curiosity & transformative professional skill-set, to reveal the divine clarity that is already inside of you and to identify your next right step/s. This ceremony reconnects you with the beauty, sweetness and love that resides in yourself.

Nina Vovk

Nina Vovk: Hatha Yoga and Face Yoga Teacher; Osteopathic Healer

Nina started her yoga journey 15 years ago with the goal of healing her spine from osteochondrosis. During the process, she discovered and studied a web of healing practise that included osteopathy, the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Pulse Diagnostic, Acupressure and Acupuncture, abdominal massage and healing, and Kobido facial massage.

She loves traveling and as she wandered around the world, she added to her skills by learning about different healing practises from different cultures. She practised Shamanism, Reiki, energy movement, healing and balancing, Hellinger, and sound healing with sound bowls.

Nina’s natural ability to hear and heal the body makes her an effective meditation and yoga teacher. If you are looking for a holistic healing for trauma, mind-wellness guidance and a life coach, she comes highly recommended by clients who have gone to her for treatment.

For the past two years, she has dedicated her practise in Siem Reap, being enamoured by how “the wisdom of this land brings me closer to the understanding of Nature and Human Nature.”

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Francois Chaillou

Francois Chaillou: Yoga Therapist

Francois started his journey with Raja yoga (meditation) in 1984. Then he began his yoga asana practice with Bernadette Pajot, a close disciple of TKV Desikachar and head of the “Trois Fontaines“ association in Vendee, France.

He then began practising Sivananda yoga in Rishikesh and spent 14 years in India, studying with different teachers of the same tradition before completing his Sivananda teacher training in California in 1995.

Francois completed comprehensive study of Shiatsu massage at the Zen Renaissance clinic in Sydney, Australia. The studies included Sinarteriology (meridian flow), and extensive work with movement of Prana (or vital force, breath). He also completed an in-depth course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Mungkala Acupuncture clinic in Chiang-Mai, Thailand with Dr. Rungrat, one of the few doctors authorized to teach Traditional Chinese Medicine in the country.

Francois has traveled the world extensively teaching yoga, meditating and continuing to expand on his experience.

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Angelo Chakra Healing and Yoga

Angelo: Chakra Healing, Shamanic Healing/Ceremonies

Introducing Angelo, Shamanic Healer, Meditation and Yoga teacher, Master of Ceremonial Cacao, Wellness Ambassador.

Beautiful words from Angelo below. I dedicate my life to the well-Being of human Beings and transferring energy healing and ancient wisdom. I am grateful to touched the lives of many people through teachings, healings and retreat programs – as well as seminars. It’s my mission to make Meditation, Yoga, Healing and Spirituality accessible to today’s busy minds. The approach does not attribute a belief system, but offers powerful methods of self-transformation.

Before I woke up from the illusion of life I lived from an automatic pilot point of view by following the expectation of others and the society. After my studies of business management I became director of a huge company with more than 100 employees. Running every day behind myself and catching one appointment to the other one. From the outside it looked like I had everything but from the inside I felt exhausted.

Years passed by and it became more clear. I had to change. After a period of suffering, stress, anxiety and panic attacks I made a decision for the first time from within my inner being and true life purpose. I left all behind to travel around the globe with my backpack.

In Cambodia I had my first deeper illumination. That was the reason why I stayed there for many years, meditating at the temples of Angkor Wat, writing my first book and following Meditation, Yoga and Healing programs. I then chose to venture out and returned for a period of time to my homeland, The Netherlands. However, I found that these old ties limited me in my deeper purpose so I moved to Malaga in Spain, Aachen Germany, Bangkok Thailand and Siem Reap Cambodia. I learned many new things about holism as well as shamanism and my teachings became a combination of both.

Now, I know that the path is more illuminating than achieving externals goals. That there is a difference between knowing the path and walking it.

I have the privilege to be guided by 2 teachers for more than 20 years. On one hand, stepping into the energy of holism (meditation, yoga and chakra healings) and on the other hand embracing the wisdom of shamanism (cacao ceremonies, grounding and plant based medicine). I joined many retreats to rediscover my true self and got deep connections during shamanic ceremonies.

Today, even after 10 years of teaching and healing other beautiful beings, every single day is a gift in where I can transfer holistic insides and shamanic wisdoms. So grateful to be guided and to be your guide.

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Steffi: Mayan Abdominal Massage, Deep Lymphatic Work

Steffi is a passionate explorer of life’s diversity. Her journey spans countries, cultures, and diverse movement practices. She’s also deeply curious about life’s many facets, including both the literal and metaphorical aspects of death. While being part of a social enterprise here in Cambodia from 2011 to 2019 she also started her journey as a healer through her introduction to Reiki and energy healing in 2016. As she left Cambodia in 2019 to follow the path of healing even more she found her way through India and Nepal where she studied Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, back to her home country Switzerland where she dove deep into the world of the Lymphatic system and became a certified holistic life coach.

In 2022 her journey led her to Guatemala where she studied with the Mayan Midwives the ancient healing modality of the Mayan Abdominal Massage. During her time there and some deep shamanic work she was invited to work closer with death and is now in the final stages of her Death Doula training.

In 2021 Steffi got introduced to the FluidUs practice where she found a tool that deeply resonates with her and her journey. An attempt to re-enchant the world and re-awaken the strength within each one of us to hold all of life.

With a commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment, Steffi finds deep fulfilment in guiding individuals towards deeper self-discovery. Her aim is to help people embrace their authentic selves and unlock inner freedom, allowing them to fully express their true essence by uniting the tools and experiences gathered along her way. “May we all carry the love and strength to be reborn again and again to come closer to hold ALL of what we are”.

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Yvonne Yoga Navutu

Yvonne: Intuitive Reiki Healing

This is our Wellness Ambassador and Resident Yoga Instructor, Yvonne. She’s a certified Yoga Teacher, Master Level Energy Healer/Reiki Therapist, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Intuitive, and Quantum Healing Hypno-therapist. Being true to herself is her mission, supporting others in doing the same is her passion.

As a former corporate, power suit wearing “boss bitch”, Yvonne spent the last 5 years working on herself. Getting to know and letting go of who she was, healing her inner child, and reconnecting with her true passions in life; holistic wellness (energetic: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health), creativity (writing, acting, visual arts).

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Julien Adam

Julien Adam: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Julien Adam is a French Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner whose humble beginnings started as a physiotherapist looking for ways to help people around him. He then realized the limitations of what he can do so he devoted his time in studying more. Julien’s interest in health brought him close to Chinese medicine and reluctantly found himself lost in the healing power of the art. He then continued his pursuit of expanding his knowledge of modern techniques and classical teachings by receiving training in osteopathy.

After working for 16 long years in France, he wanted to travel around and see how he can be of more impact. Now being a resident in Asia, Julien fell in love with Siem Reap. He has lived in Cambodia for the past six months and has been actively doing treatments from acupuncture, acupressure, osteopathy, TCM and many more.

Moving to Siem Reap has opened new doors for discovering different techniques with his treatments, being a medical specialist he incorporates all of these elements to his therapies to make it more effective. He’s also a long time practitioner of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and for him, maintaining harmony with your whole-being is one of the best thing you could achieve in your lifetime.

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Pascal Acupuncture and Energetic Craniosacral

Pascal: Acupuncture & Energetic Craniosacral

I am a professional therapist qualified in traditional acupuncture from IEATC (Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Energetic).

Throughout my travels around the world, I have sought and come across various techniques and therapies to address the human being. I eventually found the ideal ‘toolbox’ in traditional Chinese energetic.

This holistic approach based on universal laws (such as Yin-Yang, 5 Elements, …) allows to treat & balance the human being in its different levels: Organic (Physical) – Emotional (Sentimental) – Psychological (Spiritual)

I am eager ever since to help soothing your pains & dis balances so you can find your unique path to well being and help to recreate this unique relationship between yourself & your body. As I always say whenever your body talks, do pay attention !

Acupuncture energetic-al re-balancing
helps to relieve, improve & unblock issues
such as (but not only!) :
*chronic pains
*sleep issues / headaches / digestion
*feminine issues: painful periods, kysts, fertility,…
*skin : rash, eczema, psoriasis, hives, …
*psychological: stress, anxiety, depression – self esteem & confidence, …

«Emotion is the chief source of all becoming conscious » (C.G Jung).

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