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Interview With A Traveling Family | Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

Traveling Family This week, we had the chance to have a chat with an Australian family of travelers who are our previous guests at our family resort in Siem Reap. They are a fun-loving family of four. Andrzej, the Dad, who grew up in Poland but together with his
Interview With A Traveling Family | Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

Traveling Family

This week, we had the chance to have a chat with an Australian family of travelers who are our previous guests at our family resort in Siem Reap. They are a fun-loving family of fourAndrzej, the Dad, who grew up in Poland but together with his family, they migrated over Australia and Jolene, the Mom who is originally from South Africa who also migrated over Australia when she was 21,  and their two lovely daughters, Katie-Lee and Lily.

We caught up with them at our Niam Niam Restaurant in the afternoon, after their temple exploration to talk about how it is to travel with the familywhy parents should travel with their kids and their family holiday in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Interview with a Traveling Family

When did you start to travel with your family? 

Andrzej: We have been traveling with our kids for quite some time but mostly in Australia as it is not that expensive to travel around.

Jolene: However, Andrzej and I always make sure that we also have time to take parent escapes. Just September last year, we escaped to the North of Vietnam and had a lovely time there.

How is it to travel with the kids? 

Andrzej: It is a great idea to travel with the kids. Taking time together to share experiences creates memories that will be recalled and reminisced about later on. It’s about having a quality time together.

Why should parents travel with their children?

AndrzejTraveling is the best teacher. You can learn a lot of stuff from books but you have to see it, experience it, taste it and feel it. It teaches the kids to fall in love with different places, in different ways and their appreciation of things will definitely last a life-time.

What made you decide to visit Cambodia?

Jolene: The temples of Angkor brought us here. When we went to Vietnam in September, we also thought of combining Vietnam and Cambodia as that is what most people often do. However, Andrzej and I just decided to come back to Cambodia with our kids. So six months later, we are now here.

How is your family holiday in Siem Reap going?

Andrzej: Our expectation was, it was  going to be extremely hot, sticky and unbearable but the experience so far has been very pleasant. The smells are nice and the people are really friendly. We are positively surprised!  

Jolene: When we first arrived, we were a bit shocked. It is so different from what we used to back home, but every single day we just love it more and more. The longer we are here, the more we fall in love with this country. Lily, our daughter was actually telling us yesterday “I have more friends here than in Australia because the people are just so friendly”. She even added, “I’m going to come back when I’m adult”

Andrzej: So this is something we want our kids to experienceThis is our kids’ first trip abroad and they have got a big tick to Cambodia and for sure, it will always be remembered.

How do you like your stay at Navutu Dreams?

Andrzej: Our stay at Navutu Dreams has been so amazing. It is a lush oasis and really perfect for family holidays like this. It is just so blissful and relaxing; in fact, the kids are like in 7th heaven here! The three swimming pools are just perfect for a hot morning of temple exploration. Moreover, the staff have been so friendly and helpful. We would definitely love to come back.


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