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Siem Reap Yoga | Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams

Siem Reap Yoga Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is thrilled to introduce the new name of its Siem Reap yoga studio to the Siem Reap community – Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams. “Samadhi” [suh-mah-dee] comes from a sanskrit term which means
Siem Reap Yoga | Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams

Siem Reap Yoga

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is thrilled to introduce the new name of its Siem Reap yoga studio to the Siem Reap community – Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams. “Samadhi” [suh-mah-dee] comes from a sanskrit term which means “the highest stage in yoga & meditation” in which a person experiences oneness with the universe. At Samadhi Yoga, our goal is to honor the science of yoga, to share the practice and help empower people to breathe, relax, heal and transform. 

Come to Navutu Dreams and try a Siem Reap Yoga Class or a Healing Session with one of these friendly faces who are steeped in experience and tradition. Navutu Dreams introduces its shiny, new Samadhi Yoga Team!

Louise Davey 

Siem Reap Yoga

Louise has held a life long interest in Spirituality and Energy Healing, and has immersed herself in esoteric teachings for many years at the Shanti Mission Harmony Centre in Australia, giving her a rich background of techniques.

Louise is certified as an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist in 2007 and completed Teacher Training in 2010. Her wealth of studies include Breathlight Bliss practitioner training, certified kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki 1 & 2 levels, certified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner among others. You will find her on the schedule teaching kundalini and leading the sacred site tours in yoga and meditation, she also offers private holistic sessions giving each person the tools to go deeper into their connection between mind, body and spirit.

Francois Chaillou


Francois has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years while traveling around the world. In India, he learned yoga with several living masters, and in Southeast Asia, he has been living as a monk with forest monks.

After many years of practicing and experiencing different types of meditation, his goal now is to teach people to detach from compulsive thinking and develop their own inner peace.

Francois has also been an acupuncturist practitioner for 15 years; after his first diploma in Paris on acupuncture, he developed his skills and practice in pharmaco- puncture and vitamin injection in Vietnam, in the Hanoi Acupuncture hospital.

You will find Francois leading Iyengar and Sivananda classes and also offering acupuncture and massage sessions.

Maria Vincent

Siem Reap Yoga

Maria appreciates adversity when a car crash at 17 fractured her spine, but a daily yoga practice brought amazing healing to body and mind. Maria qualified in India in Ashtanga and Hatha and has taught retreats, resorts, gyms, and privately.

Maria’s understanding of the varied abilities in a class adds to a modern, clear approach to postures, breath and meditation. You will find Maria leading the Ashtanga classes with a modern twist, she ensures the classes are inclusive to all levels with a dash of comedy – the quickest way to enlightenment is laughter after all!

Melissa Lingo

Siem Reap Yoga

Melissa’s understanding of the depth and benefits of yoga have assisted her to become more present, as well as soothe her imaginative (sometimes over-stimulated!) mind in her cherished daily practice. This depth shows in her classes which always have an emotional or energetic theme, Melissa combines an intention with each practice. You will find her teaching Vinyasa and Hatha on the schedule, ranging from slower paced classes to faster flows.

Melissa’s belief that yoga really is for everyone, her favourite part of teaching is seeing the joy of a student achieving a pose they never thought possible!

Dorka Villanyi

Siem Reap Yoga

Dorka has had a passion for moving arts since childhood, from Hungarian folk dance and modern dance to pilates, she gained a scholarship to volunteer in Mysore (India) where she gained her qualification and could combine her passions of movement, helping others and different cultures.

In Dorka’s personal practice, she values the silence, being patient and tolerant with herself. You will find her on the schedule teaching Vinyasa and Hatha. She creates holistic, grounding classes which include Asana, breathing and meditation, with plenty of adjustments. One of Dorka’s favourite memories is teaching kids living in the slums of South India, and seeing the loud, energetic kids laying in a calm relaxation after practice. That is the power of yoga!

Come and share the practice with us!

US$9 net per class | US$80.00 net for a one month unlimited yoga

To check our Siem Reap yoga classes, please visit Samadhi Yoga schedule or email You can also keep in touch with us through our Facebook page, Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap.


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