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Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaways Escape to Siem Reap for the best girlfriend getaways In need of a break? Dreaming of that holiday without the kids? Then permit us to get you on that getaway. This is the time to relax, bond and try new things (cocktails included) and if you happen
Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaways

Escape to Siem Reap for the best girlfriend getaways

In need of a break? Dreaming of that holiday without the kids? Then permit us to get you on that getaway. This is the time to relax, bond and try new things (cocktails included) and if you happen to forget your phone in the room, nobody ever has to know! Welcome to Navutu Dreams, your oasis for an honest to goodness “Girlfriend Getaways,’’ in one of the world’s safest, best value for money and most captivating places to travel, Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Trust us, it is going to be a blog-worthy or an Instagram-worthy moment!

Traveling to Cambodia, one of Asia’s most exotic and tourist-friendly destinations is more than just a Lara Croft, Tomb Raider moment. It is retracing the path of ancient kings, discovering ancient ruins rife with history. Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat. It is a bicycle or horseback ride past glorious, green rice fields.  It can be kayaking or a gentle boat cruise across the lake. While the evenings, can be a fine-dine French Indochine experience by the river or a palate-teasing adventure on Cambodian cuisine.

Girlfriend Getaways | Girls Just Want to Have Fun! 

Navutu Dreams’ Girlfriend Getaways

Spa, Wellness & Yoga – Start things off right with some moments of breather, of pure pampering and relaxation. Get pampered from head to toe at a tropical spa or get your pose on with an incredible yoga class. If you fancy the idea of a wellness getaway, then sign up for a holistic wellness program that will help you recharge your mind and body.

Indulgences – There is no better way to celebrate years of friendship than a sumptuous meal. Indulge yourselves in a delectable cuisine and cheers to happy moments with refreshing cocktails or some sparkling wines!

Shopping  – We know shopping will be on the agenda and there is nothing to worry about at all. Siem Reap has no shortage of boutique shops from clothing, gifts, specialty items, and accessories. It is shop until you drop!

Navutu Dreams’ Girlfriend Getaways

Fun Classes – Take a pottery class where you can unleash your artistic side or take a Siem Reap cooking class and learn how to recreate your favorite local dishes.

Ladies Night – Of course, no girlfriend getaways would be complete without a girls night out! Picture yourself sipping some refreshing drinking indulgences at one of the cozy bars while dancing, laughing together and making lots of new memories to treasure for many years to come.

Explore Magical Angkor – Spend wonderful time together as you explore mystical Angkor, voted as the world’s best destination. Take historic & temple tours with your favorite girls and fully immerse yourselves in the majesty of the place.

The Perfect Setting for the Perfect Girlfriend Getaways

Navutu Dreams’ Girlfriend Getaways

There is no better address for a girl’s getaway in Siem Reap, than Navutu Dreams, uniquely the only ‘upscale resort and wellness retreat.’ Set in a hectare and a half of manicured gardens with  twenty-eight (28) spacious (45 – 100 sq.m.) rooms and suites, three swimming pools and a dedicated area for wellness from yoga studios, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic, a room for energy healing to a tropical spa. It is a distinctive boutique resort hotel for those wanting an adventure with friends, an escape, a chill-out session on top of a self- rejuvenating holiday.

To inquire about the Navutu Dreams’ Girlfriend Getaway packages, please email us at

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