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Navutu Takeaway: Detox Any Time, Anywhere

ast month, we explained why we need to detox. Environmental factors like airborne toxins hide in tissue throughout our bodies and bog down our bodily functions, so much so that they can slow important natural system maintenance like white blood cell traffic and even
Navutu Takeaway: Detox Any Time, Anywhere

Last month, we explained why we need to detox. Environmental factors like airborne toxins hide in tissue throughout our bodies and bog down our bodily functions, so much so that they can slow important natural system maintenance like white blood cell traffic and even our metabolism.

Detox at Navutu Dreams’ Wellness Retreat

If you’re ready to hit your body’s reset button, the safest and easiest way to do it is with professional guidance. Detox programs at Navutu Dreams Resort and Wellness Retreat incorporate a cleanse, light exercise and personalized body work. Indulge at the boutique resort, explore Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and the Kingdom of Wonder in style and comfort – all while undoing the damage your body sustains throughout the rest of the year. Why holiday in the tropics for a healthier you? We have five reasons why a holiday in the Cambodian tropics will leave you healthier.

Cambodia Wellness Waterfalls Navutu Dreams

Healthy Home Detox

If you’re not ready to commit to a comprehensive program, or you’d like to detox when you’re back home; perhaps after the holiday season when you overindulged a bit. Caring for your body can be as simple as incorporating a few of these tips into your daily routine.

1. Keep Drinking Juice

It’s not healthy to maintain a juice-only diet for longer than a few weeks, but replacing one meal per day with a low-sugar juice can help keep your metabolism high and your digestive system functioning at its peak. You may not find a juice menu as comprehensive and enticing as the Wellness Juice Menu at Navutu Dreams, but more and more restaurants are offering fresh and healthy juices. Try and stick with vegetables to keep the sugar content at a minimum – add a pinch of pepper for a savory drink, or ask for carrot juice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Juice Detox Navutu Dreams

2. Drink Green Tea & Lots of It

You know that tight-chested anxious feeling you get when you’ve had one cup of coffee too many? Drinking coffee to keep you focused on a Monday morning can derail your whole day if you take it too far. Try swapping coffee for green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and high in catechins, which speed up detoxifying liver activities and increase your body’s production of detoxification enzymes. It also boosts the speed of your metabolism.

Green Tea Detox Navutu Dreams

 3. Drink Hot Water with Lemon

If you’re not much of a tea drinker, simply increase your daily intake of hot water and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. In addition to kickstarting your digestive system, the lemon juice helps keep your body’s pH in balance. Plus, starting your day with a warm cup will hydrate you without bogging you down or shocking your system the way ice water does.

Lemon Water Detox Navutu Dreams

4. Sweat Out the Toxins

After your Cambodian holiday, when the gym, pools, and yoga studio are further afield and summer at home is ending, just remember how good it feels to sweat it out. A quick, high-intensity cardio session will not only strengthen your heart and help you keep extra weight off, but it will also help your body to eliminate toxins. If you can’t live in tropical Cambodia year round, try to visit a sauna or steam room after your workout to help you to keep sweating, detoxifying, and purifying your beautiful body.

Yoga Twist Navutu Dreams

5. Twist and Stretch

Our yoga instructors can show you a myriad of moves to take away – for those times when your gut feels like it needs a little stimulation. Don’t head straight for the medicine cabinet when your tummy isn’t feeling its finest. Just try yoga twists. Your digestive tract and other internal organs can always benefit from a little twisting action. Why? Twisting puts your midsection in positions it’s not accustomed to, and it gets your digestive juices flowing. Plus, you’ll give your core a mini workout in the process.

6. Eat Like a Cambodian

A few months ago, we told you why the western world has a thing or two to learn from Cambodia when it comes to eating well. Simply put, Cambodians rely on foods that are fresh, seasonal, and local. Their diet consists of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. They are largely unfamiliar with artificial ingredients and processed foods, and this is the easiest way to ensure that your body has a way to detox regularly. Eat lots of greens and lots of produce, and steer clear of anything with more than five ingredients on the label. Over-processed food is never good for you.

Cambodian Market Navutu Dreams

To kickstart an exercise program, new diet, or new and healthier life, let Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa show you how to eat healthy, sleep well, and breathe deeply to truly enjoy life. We have just introduced new additions to our Wellness Menu, including healthy foods, a wider range of juices, and supplements such as spirulina. Check back soon to hear more details!


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