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5 Perks of Detox + Is It for You?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the latest detox craze. Gaining popularity over the last five years, detox programs are gaining more devotees by the day. Try it once and you’re hooked – we promise. But what is all the fuss
5 Perks of Detox + Is It for You?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the latest detox craze. Gaining popularity over the last five years, detox programs are gaining more devotees by the day. Try it once and you’re hooked – we promise. But what is all the fuss about? Who should consider detoxing? What are the benefits? What must you commit to?

While we don’t recommend taking detoxing into your own hands, when monitored by experts in a controlled environment like a Southeast Asia wellness retreat, detoxing can benefit almost anyone. Holidays are meant to refresh and restore your body’s balance. That is precisely what a detox program does. Just sit back and let the wellness experts take care of the details, and in just one to three days you can restore the balance you may not know you lost.

The Basics

Q: What does a detox program consist of?

A: This varies from program to program. Navutu Dreams offers a single day detox and a three-day detox. Both allow for some solid food, but primarily focus on increased liquid intake to flush out your system. Think of it like spring cleaning for your internal pipes. Detoxing is a way to rebalance, rejuvenate and restart – like the refresh button on your internet browser. Here’s how:

1. Lose Weight

Detox loss weight

Many people believe detoxing is a fast and easy way to lose a few pounds. With longer detox programs you may see weight loss as a direct effect of cutting calories, but the lasting health benefits aren’t weight-based. Toxins impede your natural ability to burn fat, which can cause weight gain. Detoxing expels the toxins in your body that have been stored in your fat cells, and this in turn increases metabolism. Think of it like wiping down the motor of your car or immersion blender so it spins faster.

2. Clear out the toxins

Think of toxins like air pollution. We are exposed to toxins constantly in everyday life. Environmental factors like airborne chemicals and pesticides negatively affect many of our body’s most crucial processes. These nasty pollutants hide in tissue throughout our bodies and bog down our bodily functions, so much so that they can slow important natural system maintenance like white blood cell traffic and even our metabolism.

3. Slow the aging process

No this is not a miracle cure or the fountain of youth, but detoxing helps flush out problematic toxins like free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. If you don’t give your body a little assistance in the form of a detox program, these harmful toxins can hide out in your body for years. Detoxing not only helps to cleanse your body of these toxins, but in cleaning out your pipes it also serves to help improve the rate that your body can absorb good nutrients like vitamins and naturally-occurring antioxidants in your diet.

4. Enhance system function

After a detox program all your internal and external bodily functions should be running at full force once again. Think of a detox program like a tune up for your car. By cleaning out the chambers and greasing the gears, there’s no dirty buildup slowing the gears. Detoxing helps to boost your immune system’s function, so it can do its job efficiently and fight off infections and disease.

5. Improve quality of life

Detox improve quality life

Like a dusty old pickup truck, our bodies don’t function well when they’re full of toxins. You could benefit from a detox program if you suffer from even minor health issues like recurring headaches, digestive problems, a lack of energy, trouble sleeping or fatigue. Detoxing improves sleep quality and increases physical and emotional energy. You’ll look a great as you feel. Detoxing improves skin disorders like acne and strengthens your hair and nails. If people tell you that you’re glowing don’t fret: it’s the detox not a bun in the oven.

In summary, detoxing is a safe and gentle way to get your body’s internal systems running at maximum capacity again. Like any machine, our bodies need a tune up every once in a while to clear out the gunk and the cobwebs and get a little jumpstart. When we overload our bodies with toxins and unnatural or unhealthy foods our body doesn’t work as well as it should. Like hitting the reset button, a simple detox refreshes and restores balance.

Take a look at Navutu Dreams’ One-Day Detox Program:

07:00Fresh whole coconut
08:00Health Diagnostic with Francois: leptine test & auriculotherapy
08:301 Hr of personal yoga body work
10:00Liver flush drink
12:00Vegetarian organic meal or energy smoothie and detox juice
13:002 Hr relaxation – free time
15:00Fresh whole coconut
15:15Acupuncture and cupping based on diagnosis
16:30Second liver flush
17:00Evening detoxifying scrub treatment or Shiatsu
Detox personal yoga body work

A detox program that incorporates a cleanse, light exercise and personalized body work is a great way to kickstart a new diet or exercise program. It is also a great way to start over at zero if you’re looking to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle. If you’ve had a hectic month at work or you overindulged over the holidays, spending just a few days detoxing can undo much of the damage. You’ll look better, feel better, and sleep better. Your body is a temple, and sometimes that temple needs some spring cleaning. What could it hurt?


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