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Navutu is the story of three young Italians who came to Fiji in search of adventure and fell in love with the beautiful tropical island Yaqeta, where the local community welcomed them like family. A vision was born of a place where they could share the paradise they had discovered and treat guests to a unique and authentic Fijian experience, albeit with all the comfort of a boutique resort. They called it Navutu Stars, in honour of the beautiful flowering tree around which the resort is centred and whose drift nuts float across the South Pacific, taking root where ever they land. Seven years later, thirsty for new discoveries and spiritual adventures they travelled to Cambodia where another vision was born, this time for a health and wellness resort inspired by the ethos of Navutu Stars.

Whether searching for a remote island escape or a wellness journey close to the incredible temples of Angkor Wat, we invite you to discover the spirit of Navutu.

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